From pain relief to performance

Advanced CBD oil has arrived in South Africa

Advanced CBD oils are laboratory developed and tested, to be used across a variety of health requirements.  Safe for humans and animals.  Advanced CBD oil is a non-dependent supplement that has zero addictive properties, and contains no THC.

Advanced CBD Oils are Licensed and Registered Products.

Quality is key

Not all CBD oils are the same!

We cannot stress the point enough. It is imperative that organic, all-natural CBD and other ingredients are used in the production of CBD supplements.

The benefits of using pure CBD oil are numerous and real. But don’t be fooled. Just because it says CBD oil on the label, does not mean it is pure.


What makes Advanced CBD oil superior?

Advanced CBD oils are extracted from organically grown hemp through a closed-loop C02 extraction system.

The Advanced CBD C02 extraction is one of the most complex, costly and safest extraction methods available in South Africa.  This method consistently produces a high-quality concentration of CBD.

Enjoy the real benefits of 100% pure CBD oil

Made from organically grown hemp


Immune Booster

Assists immune systems, autoimmune diseases and slows the progression of tuberculosis


Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Significant relief from pain and inflammation caused by illness, age or sport


Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Assists with stress, general and social anxiety 


Reduced Heart Disease Risk

Reduce artery blockage and stress-induced cardiovascular responses


Reduced High Blood Pressure

Normalise blood pressure


Reduced Oxidative Stress

Produces antioxidants and neuro-protective qualities to protect you from daily environmental toxins


Destroys Bacteria

Breaks down and destroys harmful bacteria in the body


Manage PTSD and OCD

Assists with substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress


Anti-seizure Properties

Assists children (aged 2+) with drug-resistant types of neurological disorders like epilepsy


Reduced Cholesterol

Reduce harmful cholesterol levels

Advanced CBD Oil is available in six strengths

Refer to our guideline in selecting the right dosage strength for you

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